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Netscape Communicator 4.61
Various versions of the files are available ~ 12 megs

Netscape Navigator is the swiss knife for browsing the Internet browsing. One day or the other, you will need it to browse some pages.

Acrobat Reader 3.0
aro2e30.exe 4.1 megs

Acrobat Reader is necessary to read some documents in PDF format on the web. Nothing special, just another uneditable format...

NFTP 1.62
nftp-1.62-i386-os2.zip 699 kB

NFTP is a nice FTP client that has a Norton Commander like interface. It supports REGET (resume downloads) and lets you select multiple files from multiple directories before download. Also has a nice bookmark system and allows the use of external program to d/l files (for example WGET). Additionally, it can open URLs of FTP sites directly from the clipboard. NFTP is also available for Windows, BeOS and various Unix and Unix like systems.

PMMail/2 2.1
pmmail210.exe 1720 kB

There are a lot, too much actually, of mailer programs available. I have settle for PMMail as it's the one that looked best and was the simpliest to use, at least it was the first I liked. There are most probably mailers that I would like as much as PMMail today, but why check them out when PMMail still does the job fine? PMMail supports drag and drop to manage messages and attachments. Folder management resembles a directory structure which is nice for mailing lists.

Pronews/2 1.5 beta 1
pn2_15b1.zip 1527 kB

I don't read newsgroup much these days, but when I need to I use Pronews/2 1.5. It contains a lot of features avid newsgroup reader will probably like, but what I like about it is its simplicity and its speed. It can also format HTML messages. Panaceasoft seems to have vanished...

IP Speed 1.01

A small PM-application to measure the speed of your TCP/IP connection. Monitors total bandwidth used and also displays a small graphic showing the current download and upload speed. Works very well.

time868f.zip 102kB

A PM time client and server. This program will set your PC clock from a network time server (from an atomic based clock for example), but can also provide a time server. It uses RFC 868 (time protocol). Launch it automatically each time you connect to the Internet or at regular intervals on your permanent connection.

WGET 1.5.3
wget153.zip 215 kB

WGET is a mirroring tool, but it can also be used as a non-interactive FTP/HTTP transfer utility to make serious transfers. It will try hard until stopped to snatch files from a given list of URLs. Supports automatic recovery for both FTP and HTTP.

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