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Gravis Ultrasound Drivers 1.20 beta 29
ultra120b29.zip 673kB

These drivers are one of the best sound card drivers for OS/2 out there. With a GUS PnP, you can play up to three audio streams (one using the codec and they can be play anything from WAV to DART), MIDIs, MODules and record all at the same time, as long as you don't go over the 32 channels and your card's memory. Included are a great mixer and MODule player named UltiMOD which can work with other sound cards than a GUS. Since the author left for the Odin (aka Win32-OS/2) project, the current and last beta is FREE

Mixomat 2.0
mixom200.zip 368kB

The best Sound Blaster mixer for OS/2 out there. Has all the functions supported by Sound Blaster sound cards as well as a nice easy to use interface. Also has an aggressive mode, making it possible to lock a certain mixer profile no other application can change while using the sound card.

IBM Netscape plug-in pack
nspip21.exe 2.2 megs

Contains OpenMPEG which can play MPEG-1 files with audio. No special hardware is required.

MainActor 2.06 beta
mactr206beta.zip 8.4 megs

MainActor is mainly a video editoring software for most AVI, QuickTime and MPEG-1 movies. It can also do video capture and playback of these file types. It can also edit audio files such as MP3s for inclusion in video streams. Video editing can also produce animated GIFs. MainConcept also makes a free MJPEG codec (50kB).

QuickMotion 2.0
qm20demo.exe 1.4 megs

QuickMotion can play QuickTime 2.0 files in OS/2. This includes Virtual Reality MOV files. It also comes with a few AVI codec which can play CinePak AVIs and others.

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