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PM Utilities

9 Lives
9live121.zip 70 kB

A virtual desktop program (ie.: multiple desktop screens). I find it to be the only useable virtual desktop program apart from Object Desktop one. The authors of 9 Lives actually work on Object Desktop these days, but the rest of this utility is buggy and unstable. This is why I stick with 9 Lives.

title.zip 4 kB

This DLL loads in each of your PM program and enables them to be pushed in the background with the second mouse button, as well as to be shrunk into a title bar size with ctrl-mouse button 2 (although I don't use the latter). I have remade the installer to work properly, so if you tried it before and it didn't work, try this one.

System Resources (aka MemSize)
memsz400.zip 978kB

The coolest system monitor out there. Be sure to use a nice small font, to reduce the length of the descriptions, and to change the ugly colors. I use it to monitor my disk space and my free memory, but it can monitor a lot of other things.

Command Folder
cmdfl151.zip 24kB

Adds an entry in your folders' context menu enabling you to drop to any type of command line in the directory of the folder. This is very handy to start doing work on a directory that would be faster than from the GUI folder.

newdlg12.zip 80kB

Replaces the file dialog DLL to make it bigger, and easier to navigate. It also reduces the fonts used in the dialog.

Last Modified: May 7, 2001 20:07:19 EDT.