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Mesa 2.3
mesa230.zip 2276 kB

Mesa 2.3 doesn't have all the ooous and aaahs of Excel or StarCalc, but it's THE spreadsheet to use for any SERIOUS spreadsheet work. The multithreaded engine behind Mesa is rock solid. The file format is very compact, and even supports compression. You can make spreadsheet of inimmaginable dimensions with an endless array of layers and Mesa will not slow down, corrupt data or crash. Mesa uses REXX as its scripting language allowing it to interact with other OS/2 components written in REXX. Combine with its realtime data feed feature, these can be some powerful features in a lab.

StarOffice 5.1a
You will need to register with Sun ~ 65 megs

StarOffice can be freely downloaded, but you can also buy and order the CD for US$10+shipping and handling, which is not different from the downloadable version.

StarOffice is a clone of Windows 95 and Microsoft Office environment. It can also import and export pretty decently MS Office documents up to Word 97, Excel 97 and PowerPoint 97. It contains most of the functionality found in Microsoft Office and sometimes more. It is really an impressive office suite. Contains these full featured components: StarWriter (word processor), StarCalc (spreadsheet), the desktop is an Internet Browser, StarMail, StarNews, StarBase, StarImpress (presentation software), StarDraw, StarImage, StarBasic (Visual Basic like language) and StarMath (equation editor). But what's even more impressive is that it runs on OS/2, Windows, Solaris (Sparc and x86), Linux (x86 only) and soon Mac and Java.

GIMP 1.0
Various files needed, check web page

GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Image, is a clone of PhotoShop. It is developed by the Linux community as a free, open source alternative to PhotoShop, but ports to various platforms including OS/2 are done. It's a very impressive piece of software. I made the graphics on this page using it.

PMView 2000
pmv2000.zip 2273 kB

This is graphic file viewer and more, Winner of three Awards! A software so well polished, like in your dreams. I use it to view my images. I can zoom the images using interpolation in real-time, without needing to modify the file. I also use it to crop and resize my graphics. I use it as well to convert my images to different format such as boot logos or icons. Version 2.0 is on its way...

TSE Jr 4
tse2jr4.zip 195kB

TSE Jr 4 was know as Qedit in version 3 and previous. It is my text editor of choice. Although the price is a bit steep, it is the best text editor I found for OS/2. I use it to edit these HTML pages and my programs in C. Full of features to ease your editing sessions, but most of all, it is the fastest text editor on Earth that will not slow you down. It is also available for Windows and DOS.

HyperView 3.4
hv34.zip 195kB

The Zippiest, Fastest text viewer man has ever seen! Available in both PM and Text Mode GUI versions, it also supports filtering of various document formats such as Word and WordPerfect, including ZIP files.

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