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Fix PMMail Codepage fixpmmcp.zip 28 kB
Fixes problems with PMMail/2 codepage handling. The problems are that it does not use iso-8559-1 codepage and 8 bit transfer encoding by default, and that it does not recognize Windows-1252 codepage.
CD-ROM Speed Tester 1.05 cdtest105.zip 42 kB
Thoroughly tests the reading speed of CD-ROM tracks for further critical use such as with a CD-R Software.
Wav HD Record wavhdrec.zip 96 kB
Records from line-in or the microphone directly to the Hard Disk. Should support any features your sound card supports (48kHz, ADPCM, etc.). Based on the applets in the Ultrasound Drivers for OS/2 by Sander van Leeuwen.
Open 2.01 open201.zip 62 kB
Opens any object from the command line. Has many options.
Short Filename Namer 1.0 sfn10.zip 2 kB
This REXX script will recursively read all files from a given directory, mangle their names into non-conflicting 8.3 format and link them to a given directory on a TVFS (virtual) partition. It will also change such characters as '(space)','+','[',']',';','=' and ',' that are FAT incompatible to apropriate "equivalents". A whole drive can be mapped this way without touching your original files!!
Numerical Pad Comma numcomma.zip 31 kB
Numerical Pad Comma is a small PM hook kludge I made for one of my Canadian friends which was constantly fighting with a national comma as a decimal delimiter and a national keyboard which has a dot on the Numerical Pad. This kludge adds a comma to the numerical pad only in the PM. (ie.: won't work in full screen)
PMMail 1.5-2.0 Utilities 1.2 pmmutl12.zip 126 kB
Contains a program to strip attachements in batch to save disk space, leaving the filename for future reference. The other one is used to change the status of all messages in a folder to "sent". This is useful when reindexing or migrating message files that PMMail cannot know if they have been received or sent, and that you need to resend a modified copy of some of these messages which PMMail doesn't let you do unless its status is "sent".
WinSB 2.1 winsb21.zip 9 kB
This DOS program is meant to detect the presence of a Sound Blaster before (ie.: AUTOEXEC.BAT) Win-OS/2 loads and prevents loading of the drivers if the Sound Blaster is not available, therefore preventing the annoying error messages.
WarpCenter HotKey 1.1 wckey11.zip 78 kB
Enables a hotkey to open WarpCenter's OS/2 Warp button.

New in this version, it now has a WPS Class and adds a page to WarpCenter's Notebook for a definable hot key. Should also work with SmartCenter 2.0 and might work with SmartCenter 1.x. Source code: wckey11_src.zip 40 kB

mp3info 0.2.11 mp3info-0_2_11.zip 35 kB
Port of mp3info. This command line utility lets you manage MP3 (Audio MPEG Layer III) file tags (title, group, etc.). Original source codes at usual place.
ZOC script for Smodem zoc-smod.zip 146 kB
Let's you easily use and configure Smodem (a wonderful DOS transfer protocol that should've made it standard) with ZOC. Smodem included.
OS/2 Warp 4 boot logo msfrlogo.zip 82 kB
... patched with a Microsoft Free sticker. You can now be assured everyone is going to know you don't use any Microsoft products when you boot up your machine in front of them.
PC-DOS 7.0 icon pcdosico.zip 3 kB
To use as your VMB (Virtual Machine Boot) icon. 8-)

Last Modified: March 7, 2003 16:35:19 EST.