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System Utilities

XFree86 3.3.6
Requires various files found on the site

XFree86 is available for all Unix platforms and now OS/2. This free full feature X Windows server allows to run X Windows clients locally (usually by recompiling Unix programs using EMX) or remotely. It is very useful to do quick ports of Unix software. The server runs in a seperate full screen session than PM.

File Phoenix 1.35
phenx135.zip 95kB

Essential utility to do real undelete of files on FAT and HPFS partition. This is the best tool available to do this job, and it's all FREE!! (Employee Written Software)

GammaTech Utilites 4.0
Sorry, no download

GammaTech Utilities is the "Norton Utilities" for OS/2's FAT and HPFS partitions. It comes with a partition analyzer that can flag bad sectors, a partition defrag utility, a file recovery tool for damaged partitions, a utility to manually mark bad sectors, a file undeleter and a utility to step on deleted files to prevent their undeletion. A must have!

Partition Magic 3.0/4.0/5.0
Sorry, no download

Version 4.0/5.0 no longer comes with an OS/2 executable eventhough version 1.0 only had an OS/2 version. Version 3.0 however had an OS/2 executable, but all versions supports OS/2's HPFS partition.

Partition Magic is a must have utility, which probably explains PowerQuest's business success. Partition Magic can resize, move and copy your partitions without needing to delete any data! Truely a revolution.

Super Virtual Disk 1.20
svd120.zip 128kB

With this, you can kiss goodbye your diskette drive, and use a virtual diskette drive right out of your memory when images file are provided to you. It even supports XDF format!! Also works to make usual RAM drive.

Watchcat 2.1
wcat21.zip 645kB

Watchcat can be activated any time when the system is unresponsive. It allows you to kill hung processes, or do some house cleaning before rebooting. It can also be of use to gather information on processes. Also get this new FREE "Kill -9" DLL (B) to be used with Watchcat to successfully kill more processes.

Toronto Virtual File System 2.11
tvfs211.zip 460kB

Toronto Virtual File System is an IFS but it is not a RAM disk. The drives cannot contain any data, only links. So you can link anything, just like with Unix file systems. Files can be linked to a different name on TVFS drives. If a directory is linked, all the files contained will be displayed on the TVFS drive in the linked directory name. Multiple directory can also be linked into one directory on a TVFS drive. These options can all be very useful at times.

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